Ultra Fresh Coffee at Work

When you order coffee for your small business from Steep & Brew, you will receive the ultimate in fresh coffee! Here's why:

Every Thursday we roast to fill the orders that we have received through Wednesday noon*. Those orders are shipped on Friday. So you can literally order on Wednesday, have it roasted on Thursday, and shipped to you on Friday! You'll probably receive it on Monday. And then you WILL TASTE the difference of FRESH coffee!

This is not at all like the coffee you receive from a typical office coffee service. They order their coffees from large regional or national food service/coffee distributors, where the cased coffees sits on the racks for months. Then, it will sit on the racks in the warehouse of your office coffee provider, where it ages and the taste goes even more stale and unremarkable. You might receive the coffee within A YEAR of when it was roasted. Maybe. And now you know why typical office coffee tastes like....well, you know what it tastes like! 

Experience Fresh coffee at work. Experience Steep & Brew - Coffee Done Right!


*coffee orders received after Wednesday noon will be roasted and packaged the following Thursday.