Superb Tasting Coffee at Work

Yes, you can have superb tasting coffee at work!

The gourmet coffee online offered in our small business coffee program is some of the same coffees that are served in our coffee houses and independent cafes that we supply. Each coffee is made from premium select 100% Arabica Coffee beans - the same quality beans that Starbucks and Peet's use. The beans are precision roasted to exact temperatures and specifications established for each roast.

These full 2.5 oz coffee packets brew up a solid taste that’s always smooth, and is close to coffee shop strength. To brew the same strength as served in our coffee shops, simply reduce the water to about 2/3 of a full pot.

We have been honored by numerous awards as a coffee maker for businesses over the years. But our most important award comes from the tens of thousands of coffee lovers who fill their cup with Steep & Brew each day.