About Us

Steep & Brew was founded in 1979 in Madison, WI as a place to gather with friends and an alternative to the bars scene. The small cafe offered steeped whole leaf tea and fresh brewed coffee - hence the company name. Soon Mark Ballering came across a small 19th century Italian roaster, and began roasting at his location on Williamson Street. By the early 80's Steep & Brew had established it's flagship cafe on State Street, continuing to roast at the original location. Over the next few decades, despite our continued growth and expansion into several different channels, we have not forgotten our humble roots. Still owned and operated by Mark Ballering, we still offer whole leaf tea and an ever expanding choice of fresh roasted coffee, including Fairtrade and Organic. Steep & Brew remains involved in our community, and is as focused on quality today as we were when Mark purchased his original roaster 35 years ago.

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