Programs for Retailers

Independent Cafes

Steep & Brew wholesale coffee suppliers to cafes offer numerous services to help make your Cafe experience with us an enjoyable one. We offer coffee retailers on-site consultation, training, and ongoing support. Our independent cafe customers rely on us for our coffee expertise. We regularly talk with both grocery and specialty store coffee retailers about specialty coffee, industry trends and equipment needs to ensure mutually beneficial partnerships. As wholesale coffee suppliers, we can also provide one stop shopping by supplying you with everything you need for your café.

We provide easy online ordering of wholesale coffee supplies 24-7; or you can call us toll free 800-876-1986, Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, and place your order with our Customer Service team at extension #1.

Steep & Brew wholesale coffee suppliers can provide you with everything you need to supply your café, including directly sourced and imported bulk teas, 100% fruit smoothie mixes, cappuccine blended coffee drinks, a full line of Fair Trade, organic coffees, syrups, 100% fruit juices, whey protein, beverage condiments, branded promotional signage, Steep & Brew branded cups, napkins, coffee, mugs, and more. To cover all of your café needs, Steep & Brew is committed to finding and providing the highest quality products and services for you and your customer.

Licensing Program
Steep & Brew wholesale coffee suppliers provide numerous benefits to coffee retailers through a comprehensive licensing program, including consultation services, equipment recommendations, free in-store staff training, marketing support, and continuing assistance.
 For more information on our licensing program, contact Lisa at 800-876-1986 ext 232.

Natural Food Stores and Co-ops

Steep & Brew was the first Fair Trade certified coffee retailer in the United States with the introduction of our Cafe Fair brand in the 1990's. Today, Cafe Fair can be found on the shelves of hundred's of Co-ops and Natural Food stores nationwide. Organic, Fairly Traded, and eco-friendly, Cafe Fair is available in bulk whole bean, and in pre-packaged vacuum-sealed bags. Most coffee retailers, once approved, prefer to order their product online for direct shipment. Depending on the size and location of your store, you may be eligible for direct delivery service by our own route representatives. For more information contact Lisa at 800-876-1986, ext 232.


University and College Cafes

Steep & Brew has worked with even the largest Universities to develop full-service coffee cafes in academic buildings, compliant with university regulations. From coffee selection, to equipment and signage, we provide a one-source solution as wholesale coffee suppliers. In addition, we offer coffee retailers full barista training.

Contact Mark G at 800-876-1986 ext 234 for more information on our Campus programs.

Redefining Fresh at Grocery - a Better Solution

Steep & Brew prides itself in bringing the taste of fresh-roasted premium coffee to grocery store customers. And by fresh, we mean fresh - in most cases the coffee we bring into the store is within 72 hours-of-roasting. We accomplish this through a tight net of distribution routes - all with our own drivers and trucks. Each day our drivers receive the coffee for their day's preset delivery schedule - fresh from our roasterie - roasted and packed specific to each day's orders.

As wholesale coffee suppliers, we maintain the coffee aisle on each visit to the store, and tend to any promotional, pricing, or sku updates that might be needed. Our brand selections cover the most premium price to EDLP, single origins as well as blends, Fair Trade and Organic. We also offer coffee retailers a vast selection of Single Pot flavors, and a full seasonal program as well.

So if your grocery store's coffee category is a bit "stale" (and it probably is), give Steep & Brew a call. Contact John at 800-876-1986, ext 236.

Gourmet Office Coffee Programs

Large Office and Office Distributor

Steep & Brew has a fresh coffee solution for every office situation, from the large office complex to the small business environment. Our wholesale coffee suppliers can help you choose the right equipment and best coffee selections for your office. If you are a office distributor, we can provide you the best solutions for your client mix. Large Office Managers and Office Distributors should contact Mark B at 800-876-1986 ext 228 for more information on custom programs.

Small Business Solutions:

We offer plenty of flavor choices even for the smaller office. As wholesale coffee suppliers, we ship in cases of 40 packs (1 pot per pack), but you can mix and match up to 5 flavors per case!

Coffee with superb quality: These are the same coffees we serve in our coffee houses and they are served by independent coffee shops that we supply.  We have been honored by numerous awards over the years. But our most important award comes from the thousands of coffee lovers who regularly reach for their cup of Steep & Brew. We also offer organic coffees.

Full flavor: Each pack is a full 2.5oz of coffee for a solid taste that’s always smooth and is close to coffee shop strength. To brew the same strength as we serve in our cafes reduce the water to about 2/3 of a full pot.

Reasonable price: We can provide you with top shelf product for a good price because we’ve streamlined the order and delivery process. We have an easy program for purchasing equipment and a convenient service plan. In addition, you will earn rewards points (called Gold Cup Points) with each order.

Shipping and handling is just $5, flat! So when you order multiple cases, we share the shipping savings with you through the Gold Cup Point program.

Premium Convenience Store Coffee Program

The World Cup program was created to provide C-store coffee retailers with the ability to increase total profit dollars through the growth of hot beverage sales.

Innovation Both Inside & Outside the Cup
The world of coffee and the consumers’ tastes have changed rapidly in recent years. If the past is any indicator of the future, it will be sure to change even more. 
The team of wholesale coffee suppliers at World Cup is focused on coffee and the C-store market. Whether it’s innovating with beans and flavor, or testing new ways to build traffic, the team at World Cup is ready to help your coffee retailers succeed today and tomorrow.

World Cup Makes Hot Beverage Hot Again
Your C-store can offer exotic and unique gourmet coffee varietals from around the world. Rotating featured flavors like Kona, Tanzanian Peaberry and Guatemalan Antigua attract new customers and keep existing customers loyal.

We Handle the Marketing
World Cup doesn’t just sell you coffee and provide you a sign. We partner with you every step of the way. If you coffee program isn’t successful, then we are not successful. You will have access to a tool box of merchandising and marketing components and tactics that have already been proven successful with other World cup clients. And we constantly introduce new materials and programs like dedicated Facebook™ and Twitter™ accounts, promotional emails and text messages to drive customers into your store and sales through your register.

Freshest Coffee Possible
World Cup doesn’t roast your coffee until the day you order it. Coffee that is roasted then stored in a warehouse looses aroma and flavor; the two things customers notice the most about coffee. Whether World Cup is shipped direct to your stores or to your distributor each week, World Cup coffee is the absolute freshest it can be. And your customers will notice the difference!

Your Brand - Your Store
World Cup offers coffee retailers of all sizes the opportunity to provide a gourmet coffee experience that is exclusive to their stores within your market. Unlike gas, cigarettes, soda or energy drinks, coffee is one area where you can control a brand and customer experience that none of your competitor’s can provide. For larger groups, becoming the sole provider of World Cup in your region gives you a head start on creating a unique coffee experience that will drive in profitable customers for years to come. For smaller groups and independents, we can build your own uniquely branded program using our Premium Coffee merchandising tools and your brand. It’s the same great tasting premium coffee branded exclusively for you.

Competition is Heating Up
McDonald’s, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Subway and other national players are going all out to capture the coffee consumer. What are you going to do to keep up? Let World Cup coffee suppliers for convenience stores show you how to create a better hot beverage experience that adds profits to bottom line.

Easy To Implement
World Cup is a turnkey solution to improving your coffee and cappuccino sales. We take care of the details from cup recommendations and design, customized merchandising, targeted advertising, and all other elements needed to support your hot beverage program, and more importantly, been proven successful. A World Cup program can be implemented by our team in your locations without headaches.