Decaf (Chem-Free) Toasted Nut 12oz

Coffee with the richness of toasted nuts. Solid taste with an unforgettable fragrance. 97% of the caffeine has been removed prior to roasting using a natural carbon dioxide process.

Decaf (Chem-Free) Toasted Nut 12oz - Espresso (I) - $7.70

Decaf (Chem-Free) Toasted Nut 12oz - Drip-fine (H) - $7.70

Decaf (Chem-Free) Toasted Nut 12oz - Drip-Auto (F) - $7.70

Decaf (Chem-Free) Toasted Nut 12oz - Perc (B) - $7.70

Decaf (Chem-Free) Toasted Nut 12oz - Whole Bean - $7.70

    • This is MY Coffee!

      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
      November 5, 2010
    • Connie Tooley

    • I about had a fit when my local grocery store quit carrying MY Coffee - Toasted Nut Chem Free Decaf... Turns out you quit shipping it??????

      Determined not to give it up I went online - bless the internet - and found it! Originally I had to special order it via customer service and today I am delighted to see it on your 'menu' - PLEASE keep it here!

      Without fail, when I have guests for dinner or just gathering, EVERYONE comments on how good my coffee is.....

      And I must add, that my dealings with your company have been A-Number 1!!! Please know how much you are appreciated!

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    • Like Nothing I've Ever Tasted!

      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
      October 16, 2009
    • Nancy Rojas

    • A friend introduced me to Toasted Nut fifteen years ago when I was visiting WI and I have been drinking it ever since. The flavor is nothing like I have ever tasted. Every time I serve it at a gathering I am always asked what kind of coffee it is. Due to the fact that I live in CA I always order online and several pounds at a time. This coffee is not harsh and has a very smooth but slightly nutty taste. I purchase both decaf and caffeinated.

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