Organic Coffee Farming

Always Organic Coffee!

With Organic Coffee Farming Practices, Everyone Wins!

All Café Fair Coffees are Certified Organic!

Organic coffee farmers view the entire farm as one ecosystem. With an emphasis on one healthy biosphere, farmers focus on recycling, composting and soil health, strictly avoiding the use of synthetic herbicides and dangerous pesticides.


Grower Partner Practices

Unfortunately many of our grower partners were under-educated and poorly informed about the risks of using herbicides and pesticides. Economically challenged farmers struggled with poor yields from their land and then received poor compensation from middlemen for that yield. Understandably, in order to increase their yields, many farmers were receptive to the chemical-based agricultural products sold by the large international agriconglomerates to combat naturally occuring insect pests and poor soil conditions.
However, for the health of the farms, their families and their communities, we require that Café Fair coffees be grown organically, on farms certified by reputable organic service organizations.
We encouraged our grower partners to follow sound bio-diverse cultivation practices and to join organic organizations and associations like the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) which visit their farms and help them develop sound bio-diverse organic practices specific to their farms particular ecosystem. Farmers soon realized they could increase their yields by integrating and utilizing what was already naturally provided within their farm's own ecosystems.
All our growing partners are now certified Organic Growers.


Our Production Practices

In addition to assuring you that our coffee is organically grown, our roasting facility is also certified organic with Midwest Organic Services Association, Inc (MOSA), so you can trust that your coffee is organically roasted as well. Café Fair also meets USDA established guidelines for Oranic products.