Office Coffee Service

Finally, an office coffee service that is absolutely fresh! Order by Wednesday, we roast it Thursday and ship on Friday!

Plenty of flavor choices  Now the smaller office can enjoy coffee service companies with variety. Order just 8 packs per kind and a total of 40 packs per case. Mix 'n match even in one 40 pack case. 

Superb Quality These are the same coffees we serve in our coffee houses and in dozens of independent coffee shops we supply.  We have been honored by numerous awards over the years. But our most important award comes from the thousands of coffee lovers who regularly fill their cup with Steep & Brew.

Full Flavor Each pack is a full 2.5oz of coffee for a solid taste that’s always smooth and is close to coffee shop strength. Most other coffee service companies sell packs that are 2oz or less and they brew up thin and weak.

Good Price We’ve streamlined our coffee services for offices in order to provide you with top shelf product at good office coffee service prices. Owning your equipment saves you money with coffee service companies and we’ve made owning easy.  We have a credit program to help you recoup the initial cost of purchasing equipment and a convenient service plan.

Gold Cup Points You will earn rewards points (called Gold Cup Points) with each order. 

Shipping and Handling  Shipping and handling is just $5, flat!  And when you order multiple cases we share the shipping savings with you through the Gold Cup Point program.

Brewer Maintenance What about the “service” in Office Coffee Service? There are two aspects to office coffee services and we've got you covered for both:

  1. The coffee maid service. Do you have a "coffee maid service" check your inventory and clean the coffee pot? The coffee service companies who deliver your coffee are the coffee maid and that "service" costs a lot. If you can order paper and pens plus and keep you workspace clean, you don't need to pay for a coffee maid.
  2. Coffee service equipment repair. Coffee machine repairs include preventive maintenance which we've made as easy as changing a toner cartridge. If a brewer does breakdown, we will have a refurbished one on the way to you the same day you call. And we'll arrange to have the non-functioning brewer picked up and returned to us. All at a flat, standard sevice cost. The only things you need to do are:
    1. Unplug the broken brewer.
    2. Turn it upside down in a sink to drain.
    3. Put it into the same box as the replacement unit arrived in.
    4. Finally, just put the UPS call tag on the box and one of our friends in a brown truck will pick it up.

Roasting and Shipping Schedule Office coffee orders placed Thursday through Wednesday are roasteed on Thursday and shipped Friday.