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Coffee Packets 2.5 oz

The most popular and convenient individual coffee packets for the office brewer. The full 2.5 oz coffee packets of fresh roasted coffee brews up rich and flavorful. Order your favorite flavor coffee packets by the case, or mix and match flavors to build each case!


  • Office small coffee packet orders placed before Wednesday at noon are roasted and packaged on Thursday, and shipped Friday.
  • Orders placed after Wednesday at noon are roasted and packaged Thursday of the following week, and shipped that Friday.

So, if you place an order on Wednesday morning, your coffee will be roasted the next day, and shipped two days later - THAT'S FRESH!

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NEW! OCS-2.5oz Cafe Fair Blend-8 Pack Rev


NEW! OCS-2.5oz Cafe Fair El Salvador Dark-8 Pack Rev


OCS-2.5oz Breakfast Blend-8 Pack Rev


OCS-2.5oz Colombian-8 Pack Rev


OCS-2.5oz Costa Rican-8 Pack Rev


OCS-2.5oz Decaf Colombian-8 Pack Rev


OCS-2.5oz French Roast-8 Pack Rev


OCS-2.5oz Hazelnut-8 Pack Rev


OCS-2.5oz Icing on the Cake-8 Pack View (1) | Rev


OCS-2.5oz Sumatran-8 Pack Rev


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Your total must be a multiple of 5 (i.e. 5, 10, 15... etc.). 1 case = 5 trays
With this coffee order, you earn 1 Gold Cup point(s) for each case ordered, plus 1 bonus point for a 3 case order.