Cafe Fair Coffee Selection2


Café Fair

Always organic and Socially Responsible, Café Fair strives to make a difference in the world by emphasizing business practices that are socially conscious and environmentally sound. Café Fair is certifed by either Rainforest Alliance or Fairtrade International (FLO), as well as certified organic. Café Fair is offered in 10-12oz vacuum-sealed bags, and 3# vacuum-sealed bags.


Café Fair Blend This medium roast coffee is blended to the optimum body and intensity to brew up bright and lively.
Café Fair Caramel A wonderfully aromatic organic coffee. It’s like having a hot caramel sundae, but with less than 2 calories per serving.
Café Fair Cinnamon A warm buttery cup frosted with a touch of cinnamon.
Café Fair Cinnamon French Roast Dark, smoky, organic French Roast and sweet, zesty cinnamon combine for those who like their coffee intense.
Café Fair Cordilleran Blend Blended to produce a dark, smooth, robust coffee. This darker roasted, special organic Nicaraguan coffee has a full-bodied lively taste.
Café Fair Dark Guatemalan A smoother and less heavy dark roast coffee, we call this deep roast.
Café Fair Dark Peru Solid flavor with intense bittersweet chocolate tones.
Decaf Café Fair (Chem Free) We choose our finest organic, fair trade coffee and send it to Europe to be decaffeinated with carbon dioxide rather than using chemicals. This coffee is a medium-roast with a bright, lively taste.
Decaf French Roast (Chem Free) We choose our finest organic, fair trade coffee and send it to Europe to be decaffeinated with carbon dioxide rather than using chemicals. It is then dark roasted to develop a deep French Roast taste.
Café Fair Earth, Wind & Fire Deep, rich, and vibrant.
Café Fair El Salvador Certified organic and Rain Forest Alliance, this coffee brews up bright and lively. A great breakfast coffee.
Café Fair El Salvador Dark

Warm, sweet smoky tones that hint of caramel with a touch of cranberry. Certified organic and Rainforest Alliance. 

Café Fair Espresso This coffee has been dark roasted the traditional way for a smoother, sweeter, and more flavorful espresso.
Café Fair Ethiopian Light, lively taste with a sweet finish.
Café Fair French Roast This bean is dark roasted to produce the tangy, smoky taste of a great French Roast.
Café Fair Guatemalan This light roast is smooth with good brightness. The Beaujolais of coffees!
Café Fair Hazelnut A favorite flavored medium roast organic coffee. Light, buttery, and perfectly balanced with the taste of hazelnuts to produce this superb combination of flavors.
Café Fair Machu Pichu Bold, deep flavor with a hint of bittersweet chocolate.
Café Fair Mind, Body & Soul Bright lively coffee with a hint of blueberry sweetness.
Café Fair Morning Blend This Mexican coffee is medium-roasted to produce a full-bodied coffee with intense brightness.
Café Fair Nica Sol Experience the most flavorful of organic Nicaraguan coffees. This blend of two distinctive roasts brings out the best in this fine medium roasted coffee.
Café Fair Peru Smooth, solid body with some sweet tones.