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Always Organic

Fairtrade Certified
Rainforest Alliance Certified

Eco-Friendly Coffees

Following are the current certifications for each Café Fair Coffee. (Click here for more information about certifications.)

 Coffee Organic Fairtrade® Rainforest Alliance Kosher  
Café Fair Blend  
Chem Free Decaf  
Chem Free Decaf French Roast  
Cinnamon French Roast  
Cordilleran Blend    
Dark Guatemalan  
Dark Peru  

What is Fairtrade®
vs Fair Trade?

 Fairtrade is the trademark of the original  International Fairtrade system, created  almost 20 years ago by the  non-profit  Fairtrade Labelling Organizations  International (FLO) to help small farmers.

 Fair Trade is just two words used in marketing that have no special meaning by themselves and are not the  trademark
of the International Fairtrade  system. Anyone can use the words Fair Trade on any product regardless of the  products' origin or handling, or create a  snappy logo with the word Fair Trade.

 Avoid being fooled! How can you tell
if it is truly Fairtrade? It's  simple - only products carrying the symbol  above are legitimately Fairtrade Certified!

Earth, Wind and Fire  
El Salvador  
El Salvador Dark  
French Roast  
Machu Pichu  
Mind, Body and Soul  
Morning Blend  
Nica Sol  
  Fairtrade International (FLO)
Fairtrade International is a non-profit organization with partners and supporters all over the globe. They develop Fairtrade Standards, support and educate producers, and co-ordinate the International Fairtrade system. And they own the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark, a registered trademark that appears on more than 27,000 products in 120 countries. Over 1.2 million small farmers and workers in 66 countries benefit from Fairtrade through stable prices, training, and financial premiums for education, healthcare and farm improvements.

Fairtrade International partners with an independent certifying organization - FLO-CERT - to inspect and certify producer networks representing small farmers and workers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition, a network of national Fairtrade organizations around the world promote Fairtrade in their countries. In the U.S., Fairtrade America is the partner organization that audits and certifies Fairtrade coffee sales and purchases by Steep & Brew.

To learn more about how the Fairtrade International system works, visit Fairtrade International, the Fairtrade Resources Network, FLO-CERT and Fairtrade America. You may also wish to download the following:



Last Updated 03-23-2015