Brewer Equipment Support

Buying New Office Coffee Equipment

When you buy a coffee machine you can keep the cost of the coffee lower. Other coffee companies add the equipment cost to the coffee cost. With every package of coffee you buy, you are paying for equipment. Over the course of a couple of years you could have paid for that equipment several times over.

We’ve taken a more transparent and fair approach.

It works like this:

  1. You buy a coffee machine and carafes up front, one payment, one time.
  2. Over the next 12 months we will rebate to your account $5.00 for each case purchased up to the total of your coffee equipment purchase.
  3. Each calendar quarter we will calculate this credit and add the rebated amount to your account as a Gold Cup Point credit.
  4. Once the total of the rebates equals your equipment purchase the rebate program ends.
  5. The rebate program will end 12 months after the 1st of the month following when you buy a coffee machine.

Note: Non-functioning brewers that are swapped for refurbished ones are NOT treated as buying equipment. See below.

Our Office Coffee Machine Repairs Service Plan

If a brewer does breakdown, we will have a refurbished one on the way to you the same day you call. We’ll arrange to have the non-functioning one picked up and returned to us all at a set, standard service cost.

Here's what you would do:

  1. To have a refurbished brewer sent, call (800) 876-1986, option 1, or email us at
  2. Unplug the broken brewer.
  3. Turn it upside down in a sink to drain.
  4. Put it into the same box as the replacement brewer arrives in.
  5. Attach the UPS call tag to the box and we will arrange for UPS to stop by and pick it up.

What does it cost for coffee machine repairs? $87. That includes everything—shipping, a refurbished replacement brewer, return shipping, the box, even the call to UPS for pick up. And yes, you can use your Gold Cup Points to pay for it.

Will I get my original brewer back? No, the most cost efficient and easiest coffee machine repairs for you is our one touch swap out system.