Shade Grown and Organic Bird Friendly Coffee

Bird Friendly Coffee
Café Fair Offers Smithsonian Certified Bird Friendly Coffee
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What is Bird Friendly Coffee?
     No other certification guarantees that every bean is produced organically and under
     high-quality shade. This seal of approval ensures tropical "agroforests" are preserved
     and migratory birds find a safe haven when they travel from your backyard to those
     far-away farms producing the beans you so enjoy every morning. 
Migratory Birds and Shade Grown Coffee - What’s the Connection?

     • Deforestation of tropical forests is rapidly destroying migratory bird habitats.

     • Shaded coffee plantations support more migratory birds than any other agricultural practice.

     • Shaded coffee plantations are often the last refuge for forest-adapted animals. 

     • Shade grown coffee presents a tremendous opportunity for both cconservation and economic gain. 

What Makes Smithsonian Bird Friendly Coffee Different?
     The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center has developed the only 100% organic and shade-grown
     coffee certification available. Bird Friendly coffee is unique among coffees in that it insists on:
     • A history of, and ongoing commitment to, standards based on science. 
     • Organic certification as a prerequisite for growers seeking Bird Friendly certification.
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